Lady Liberty

For years, I've been trying to decide how to tell the story of this immensely painful experience. Finally, I found a way - using the car that carried me through it.


We all have our own Light to spread into this world, and I wrote these words about mine. I never thought I'd say this, but . . . I hope this poem makes you sick 😉

Snowfall Treefall

Last week, a night of short-lived snowfall resulted in the loss of our mighty Locust tree. While it may seem silly to some, I couldn't help but feel mournful and write about it....

Lunatic in Love

Have you ever Loved something that's just beyond your reach? So much it makes you feel crazy!? Let me walk you through those feelings with this poem.

The Fullest Cup

Every parent has a go-to story about their child that embarrasses them. My mom used to tell this one religiously, and I couldn't resist the chance to finally tell my version of it.

Quit smoking…please.

You should know: this is a dark one. I held nothing back as I reflected on the life and death of my young Mother, who smoked herself into her own demise. This is all I could conjur up as I felt the weight of her loss on her birthday this year.


I wrote this piece over a decade ago, as part of a writing exercise. Yet somehow, it feels like it was created for this particular moment in time.

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