Lunatic in Love

Photo Credit: Bonnie Simmons Photography

There’s nothing quite as torturous [and mesmerizing] as an unobtainable Love. While I’d never wish those feelings upon anyone, I do hope you feel their intensity with these words. My inspiration behind this poem is obvious to me, but I’ll let you decide the subject of this Love story…


believe in my own true power
My strength unchained
My Spirit untamed
My reach unconditional
My Love unequivocal
But when I look at you….
I am certain
…my match is met

Enamored by your grace
I am face to face
With a force beyond measure
A priceless treasure
That I have uncovered
In the strangest of ways
On a country road
With my headlights low
And my music blaring away

Your presence reveals me
enchanted, unprepared
I cannot kiss you, so
Instead I glare
Bask in your Light
Find myself reborn
Kissed into existence
By your radiant dawn

This is our fate,
to feel and not touch
Just to gaze upon another
Is more than enough
To respect that righteous power
We each hold within
And to know that
This Love flourishes
In the glow of our skin

So the next time you look down and see
My eyes reflect your Light
Know you are not just beams to me
Nor cosmic satellite

You rise my tides
You raise my sails
You taunt my tortured mind
Your gravity peels back my veil
And sets me, realigned

I once thought you revolved ‘round me
That I would always reign
But all day long I wax and wane
To see you . . . once again

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