I remember the day I wrote this.
I was challenged to not let my pen leave my paper for 10 minutes straight after being given a short prompt, which happens to be the first five words,

“When the tornado touched down…”

I instantly recalled a dream I had about a tornado when I was in an abusive relationship, and my pen just interpreted it into this underlying desire I have to watch it all burn so I can feel alive again.

There’s something so primal and fundamental about that feeling.
I know I’m not alone, so maybe this is the piece you needed to read today.

When the tornado touched down, all of the human-born chaos that once mattered – the schedules, the drama, the traffic, the seemingly perpetual heartbreak – became irrelevant. No one expected such a storm, but we certainly all needed it. For me, it was revolutionary – the long-awaited fruition of my own personal creed…

“…only from destruction can we be reborn…”

I stood atop a distant hill and watched the sky grow darker by the minute. The sharp whistle of the wind passed through my ears, prompting me to throw my arms up, as if I were ready for flight. The meadow grasses felt it too, and they synchronized their movements with each gust, as if they were born not to grow, but to dance in perfect unison to the wind. The sirens sang their warning song as the tornado coiled itself around an iconic farmscape in the distance. The thrill of approaching pandemonium raised the hairs on my neck. Feet firmly planted, eyes wide and facing the sky, hair whipping across my face, I could feel the storm’s fury and couldn’t help but smile. Lightning whipped down on a nearby cell tower, and I, too, felt struck – by awe itself. I inhaled that unmistakable smell of incoming rain and stood in revelry of the unmatched energy that Nature provided me.

…Can you imagine how crazy I looked in this moment?

My eyes raced across the unsuspecting town in the valley below. I thought I’d be crippled with fear, but instead I felt as green as those dark skies, with envy. For months I’d been yearning to unleash my own destructive nature, to unravel this twisting storm of emotions within me. But the cyclone upstaged me, and it was about to wreak havoc more gracefully than I ever could. Within a flash, as if a switch had been flipped, the juniper clouds turned a deep shade of slate, the pouring rain turned into chunks of pelting ice, and the might of humanity turned powerless, right before my eyes. The violent gusts of the assailant twisted like a corkscrew into the diner on the edge of town, and I knew right then….

…this was the day we’d all be destroyed, and it was absolutely glorious.

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