I’ve realized something about myself over the years. I have an almost crippling tendency to give as much of my Heart away as possible, as often as I can. It looks and feels different every time, but it all grows from the same roots. For years, I thought this was a weakness of mine, something that debilitated me and prevented me from my greatest self. But now, as I’ve grown to understand its potential, I’m certain it’s not just a strength –  it is a power that I must own. We all have our own Light to spread into this world, and once it is acknowledged, we are perpetually empowered by it, whether we like it or not. I figure….if I’m gonna be out there spreadin’ vibes to the masses, it might as well be the most contagious kind – the kind that helps others tap into their own Light and reminds them that Love is always possible. I never thought I’d say this, but . . . I hope this poem makes you sick.

I’m spreading contagions
Wherever I go
Droplets of Light
All the way to your Soul
It starts as a tickle
A chill on your skin
Then an aching desire
To let someone in

As it courses right through you
You’ll notice a glow
An expansive desire
To give in and let go

When it finally takes over
This heartborne transmission
You’ll realize its power
Seeps into your vision

You’ll see the world clearer
You’ll banish the dark
Your steps will be lighter
They’ll carry a spark

And now that you’ve got it
That shine in your eyes
You should know, I won’t stop
Til the world is capsized

Blame me all you want
But, we both now, are hosts
That spread droplets of Light
Where it matters the most

There will be no containment
No needle, no cure
You can’t wash your hands of it
Light will endure

You can sweat off the fever
You can bathe off the shakes
But you’ll never eradicate
Love in your veins

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